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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anti-Sobriety Protest May 27th! Be there!!!!!

We will be protesting SOBRIETY outside of The AvalonBar in Costa Mesa, CA on May 27th from 9pm to 10pm. Signs will be provided. Cheap beer will be offered for all protesters after 10pm. We're talking chanting, call and response, walking in a circle, the whole shebang. RSVP to hotsale05@gmail.com or call 714-514-9809. Let's do this! This is a serious protest so please. Let's keep un-focused. WHAT DO WE WANT? ALCOHOL! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!

Alejandro's Awesome Surf Band from Thalia St. Surf Shop and Vimeo!

Check out the edit that Madison Dyer put together for Insight Clothing! This is footage from the Peter Crawford x Steve Gorrow art opening at the Thalia Street Surf shop, who also launched the Jared Mell x Insight Collection ‘Surf-A-Billy’. Live music by local phenoms Alejandro’s Awesome Surf Band! Not only is Alejandro an incredible guitarist who has packed the AvalonBar more times than I can count, he also handles the second Thursday of every month so mark your calendar! http://vimeo.com/23839555 Hit the link because I can't figure out how to post videos yet!


We pulled some special strings to be able to secure this DJ! One of my favorite record spinners at the AvalonBar is moving from first Sundays to THIRD FRIDAYS thru the summer! It's DJ MIR and his crew spinning the BEST in old school hip hop, bangers, deep and rare tracks...this guy is the lucky rabbit's foot of the local scene. Seriously, this DJ is worth making a detour for. On his night, it's not just about hitting the bar and looking around...his tracks make you turn around and ask 'hey, what the hell did he just play'? For a taste of his ability and some backstory to boot, follow the link- he's got his own radio show and it's worth a listen! www.deepviberadio.com REMEMBER! EVERY THIRD FRIDAY! or go to www.itsdjmir.com


Ah, the sweet smell of success. You know, it took me close to two damn hours to configure this site, and for what? I'll to you for what! So you barflys and lurkers can look back and remember the good times at the AvalonBar. You remember. That time you got too drunk on soju and redbull and took your shirt off on the dance floor. Ha. That was a good one. Or when you came out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck on your shoe. Ha! Got that one, too. We'll also post the calendar for the month and some bios of the bands and such. I certainly hope I remember the password to this page...